Back to School

Teachers and students alike, I don’t care if you’re schooling online or in a classroom but DO NOT skip out on back to school shopping. It's literally the best part of going back to school. I would even stress you went back to school shopping if you are doing your schooling online. There’s no better way to have a groovy day than in a brand spanking new groovy outfit. Make it a priority. I always did half online and half in stores. But if you don’t feel comfortable shopping yet you can totally make a haul online and still have time to return what doesn’t fit if you start shopping now. Here’s my list of items that are an absolute must 

5-tops (1 graphic, 4 blouses)

3- bottoms (2 jeans, 1 comfy lounge type)

2 - shoes (1 pair sandals, 1 pair sneakers)

Earings (I usually go with a medium sized striking hoop because it styles better with most outfits)

Necklace (anything you can mix and match with the smaller the pendant the better the mixing)

Bracelet (not a must have but if you find something cute pick that baby up)

Backpack (personal favorite and if you’re having trouble finding one Anatomy has you covered kind of sad they didn’t have any when I was in school but I’ll still get one because they are actually the cutest things ever in so many colors, also with backpacks it’s best to go with a solid color or a black and white, you’re still styling with a bag and if you don’t put yours in a locker you’re carrying it all day which means the more colors, the more likely it is to clash with your outfit) 

Socks (literally as many as you want those suckers never stay together I typically buy no show because I think it’s a classier look but you do you honey)

2- Outerwear (some people buy these items closer to when it cooler and if you’re that type of gal disregard buy if you get cold like me then I would with a cardigan and a hoodie and event gets closer to winter you can buy the coat but it’s obviously not necessary In Texas right away and sometimes at know how it is )

You can obviously buy however many of each item you want but with a list of how amby and what you more likely to stick to a budget and not overshop. Don’t forget to check out what’s new at Anatomy! You can get most of your back to school fashion needs in one place