About Us

Hi! We are Dayna and Julie and we own Anatomy Clothing Co. Here is a little bit about us.

Dayna started Anatomy in 2010 after moving to Brenham with her family. She originally started the company to make friends and get to know the ladies of Brenham. Dayna's favorite thing about the boutique business is the people you get to meet and friendships she has built from it. Dayna loves to hang out with her chickens, dogs and grandchildren. The people who know her will tell you she is the most kind hearted and fun woman to be around and she strives to make everyone feel welcome.

Julie partnered with Dayna after moving to the area in 2019. Julie has always loved fashion and wanted something fun to fill her days and give her purpose. Julie loves spending time with her family and friends, especially her sweetย baby boy, Beckham-who you can sometimes find at work with her! The people who know Julie will tell you she is kind and cares deeply for others.

We hope this helped you all get to know a little more about us and we can't wait to meet you!

Dayna Corlis and Julienne Johnson Anatomy Clothing co. Brenham Texas


Dayna and Julie