Dancing into Fall

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, whatever time it may be when you read this. Lets talk fashion, because it’s never a bad time to talk about that. Like ever, its impossible to find a bad time for fashion time, but especially now. You wanna know why? Fall Fashion items are back, baby!!!

Now I don't know about all of you but I love me some fall looks. I mean don’t get me wrong i love spring/summer looks too but fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.The smells, the colors of the leaves changing, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! Fall is just the best time and I am doing my happy dance entering this wonderful time of year. As I've stated in my past post my style is a mixture of girly and dark themes and fall is the time of year those darker colors get to come to life. The blacks, the deep warm browns, reds, orange, and yellows, maroons, all of them! I love them all! Recently I got to see some of the new items coming into all the stores, but my favorite little Brenham Boutique, Anatomy has gotten in some of the best stuff! From shoes to jewelry to clothes they got it all!

I wanted to start off talking about some of the fun patterns that have made a comeback that you may have in your closet to use from this summer. Lets talk leopard print! Leopard print made a huge comeback this year and I am living for it! This fun pattern can add a little extra pop to any outfit. You can have an outfit full of your regular basic items and throw on the Dear John Leopard Jacket from Anatomy Boutique and you got a fashion forward outfit read for fall! I actually got some cute leopard sandals from Anatomy Boutique in Brenham over the summer and living in Texas I know the cold weather takes some time to get here or is a bit on the bipolar side so there will be days that it's going to be on the warmer side. These sandals with a cute top and skinnys or even a dress or romper can still give you that ready for fall look while not giving you a heat stroke. You even have leopard print accessories you can add to a look to liven it up or have fun with that doesn’t over power the look as a whole. I am looking forward to some of these fun pops of patterns to add to my wardrobe and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with as well.

Something I loved this summer that we are bringing along with us as we dance into fall is the thin materials and oversized tops. These are items that you can wear in hot or cold weather. The thin material makes it breathable so no sweating out of your cute fall outfits, or you can layer it up a bit for the cooler weather that hopefully comes soon! My sister actually got this gorgeous top from the Brenham boutique, Anatomy, recently that I've come to the conclusion I must have in my fall wardrobe. Its a fray tunic that fits a little loose, has that breathable material and the frayed edges gives it a fun look. Pop on a pair of Dear John skinnys(an Anatomy exclusive item) and your toms and you have a fun look that works perfect for this transition to fall. They also have these cute sweaters in that are a thinner material so yet again we have some breathable tops, that are little oversized giving you all the fall feels without the sweat.

Dresses! Dresses! And More Dresses! I want them all! I love a good dress moment, but I really love a dress that I can wear anytime of year so I have one less thing to pack away when the weather changes up on me. From the Dear John dresses, to the cute and comfy game day dresses (with pockets I might add) you can go with the dress alone and pair of flats or sandals, or you can a pair of leggings, or tights, light sweater and some booties and you got a perfect fall look! Anatomy Boutique also has a large selection of dresses perfect for the fall transition and I cant wait to fill my closet with them.

Lets keep this transition fun and dance into fall with style!