Date Night: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Date Night: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Whether it’s a cozy evening indoors or a luxurious night out on the town, every girl knows come date night, “they have nothing to wear”. You know who are you are ladies, changing your outfit a dozen times, redoing your smokey eye to a sunset shimmer, to finally looking in the mirror one last time wondering if you should just call and cancel so you can sit and watch Grey's Anatomy with your cat...alone. THE STRESS IS OVER GALS the only time you should be canceling is if the guy is a jerk. 

Buying Clothes For Your Body Type
Work those curves sister!
It doesn't matter if you're slim, curvy, athletic, or working a few extra pounds, I’ll be the first to tell you there are clothes in this world that will make you feel like a complete lost cause. All because every store carries clothing for a particular body (that’s not in the fine print, just a boutique trade secret) Ever wonder why it looks super sexy on the model but like rags on you when it comes in the mail? That’s because most places have all models with the same body. You might be wondering about the plus size models, they all have the same figure too, it’s
easier for a store or company to put their clothes on women who don't differ on the screen it’s not to trick you either it just makes the clothing look more pleasing to the eye (of course photoshop plays a big role as well but that’s a story for another time.) That’s what makes Anatomy Boutique so unique all of our models differ in size and shape completely there is not one model of the same height and weight!
So how do you know what clothes are best for you?
Know your color and size! I’m sure you’ve heard that black appears slimming on us thicc girls. It’s true, studies have shown that whiter brighter colors draw you into the shape of a person more so than that of dark hues. Your hair color plays a huge role as well, orange shirts on redheads are usually a no go the colors are too similar and because they are similar in color they more than likely will clash purple is also another color you redhead beauties should stay away from in order to not clash, black on black can sometimes work depending on if the shirt is lace or not, if you're a blonde or brunette you're a lucky one because the only color you want to stay away from is yellow (unless its neon). Eye color is important because different patterns and colors will bring out your natural beauty. Purple and blue will make brown eyes pop, pastel colors for blue eyes, and for green eyes black and grey are your best friends.

Looking for the perfect dress to wow your boo? Go for anything BUT the shift dress! Completely shapeless, knee-length or higher frocks will end up highlighting your breast size but not much else. Instead, opt in for something to cinch the waist, like our chic, Floral Button Dress for a fun night out. Need something a bit more formal? The Open Back Mini Dress works wonders for your figure, while also being your go-to grab for Sunday service!  Whatever your selection maybe, just remember to look for dresses that hug your frame, not box you in! The girls at Anatomy Clothing Boutique in Brenham can get you date night ready anytime!

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