Last week we did an entire Z Supply launch that was incredible and so comfortable and just perfect for the time of year. This week we are doing a mixed launch and among this launch we have several Dear John options that we think you will just absolutely fall in love. One thing Anatomy strives to be especially in Brenham, Texas is accommodating to our customers. Meaning we want to have something for everyone that stops by. Of course we have our regulars but we also have a large number of customers from out of town and out of state and typically we can always find something for you to love even if its a basic tee we are confident enough in the brands that we carry to know you will be just as pleased with the quality as we are.ย 

Dear John is one of those brands that will consistently be โ€œinโ€ as they say. The denims we carry are definitely some of the most dependable jeans you will ever own. And at this price point? How could you not fall in love. We strive to give you something to last you for years to come but also a style that you can always add to and Dear John is the brand for that.ย 

Our favorite item from this launch is the Thea Vine Mix dress. A dress that will last until spring next year, A dress that will flatter every body, a dress for the boho queens, a dress for the minimalist, a dress for the working mom, a dress will love you as much as you love it. Maybe we are being dramatic but this really deserves an award for universal compatibility. We are also going to be launching some new colors in some of our favorite styles. The Gisele style is a returning style to Anatomy Clothing but this time we are going to have it in the colors, โ€œLawn Partyโ€ and โ€œRoot Beerโ€ another returning style in the color โ€œSan Antonioโ€ will be joining the party and that is the much beloved Blaire.ย 

We love adding new colors to your favorite styles and although the San Antonio, Blaire, jeans are a pretty basic denim wash they have such a unique fit they are definitely worth a try-on and mirror selfie! We also have three blouses from Dear John in this weeks launch one of which is called Rita in an โ€œAutumn Bloomโ€ print/color. This is a relaxed, breezy fitting top that has 3/4 sleeves a small v-neck and although the color mentions autumn we think this top is 100% seasonally versatile and that what makes us love it so much.ย 

We only talked about three items specifically in this launch and you ;already have two outfits! These types of launches are the most exciting for our customers because of how easily they can buy the latest styles by the outfit. We just know you will find your next favorite outfit this week and are so excited to see you enjoying all that we have to offer!