Did someone say BEACH TRIP?!

Must Haves For You Summer Beach Trip

As summer time flies by I find myself getting ready for a much needed beach trip with the fam bam and I think to myself, "This would be perfect for this weeks blog post!" And here we are. I hope everyone is having a great summer and if you find the time to get away from reality I definetly recommend a beach get away. Now I don't know about you, but I am big on making packing lists before any trip, no matter how long or short of a trip my OCD self needs her lists. As I sit here typing this out I have my handy dandy check list, suit case, and a mountain of out fits and accessories I personally find to be "Must Haves For A Summer Beach Trip." It doesn't matter if its a trip to Cancun, Destin Florida, or good ol' Galveston these must haves are perfect for any beachy occasion.

Swim suits are an obvious must have, but a super cute cover up is our first must have for our trip. I'm all for body positivity and feeling comfortable in your own skin, but me personally I just don’t feel comfortable walking around in just my swim suit and Im sure I've got some ladies out there that can agree with me. Sometimes I'll just go with an oversized t-shirt and shorts, but most of the time a cover up that I can easily slip on and off that doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you put it over a wet swim suit is the best way to go. Our Brenham boutique has this adorable light weight button dress with frayed edges that adds a cute flare, but the best part is not only is it a cute dress but can also be used a swim cover up! Two for one? Im sold! Theres also a selection of some fun and flirty swim suit cover ups that with a tank underneath can also be a super cute top. (As you can tell I'm all for two for one and versatile clothing items.)

When I go to the beach I come prepared with your usual must haves like towels to lay out on, snacks for the kiddo, sun screen, over sized sunnies, but there is one thing that is big must have when I am out side period! (Beach or no beach) Can you guess what it is? Lets talk ACCESSORIES! Anatomy Boutique in Brenham has some of the cutest accessories as it is, but their roll up sun hats are definitely our next MUST HAVE for your beach trip. One thing that I love about this hat is the roll up feature. Floppy sun hats can be rather annoying to pack around, but with this hat you are able to have the freedom to just roll her up and put in your bag for later. Plus we live in Texas, its hot as all get out, and a hat not only helps out with some shade but hides my lovely sweat hair I get from being outside for more than 5 minutes (And I know I’m not the only one). 

After a long and fun day at the beach its time to get ready for the night. Whether you are going out with friends, date night with your man, or out for family dinner my last must have for your beach trip is cute, but comfy outfits. I say comfy because again ITS HOT and you're already going to be uncomfortable from the heat so why make yourself anymore uncomfortable with an outfit you are going to complain about the whole night. Its not fun for you and definitely not fun for the people around you. Well our women’s boutique in Brenham has you covered girly. From our stylish neon linen shorts, our light weight knit tanks, to the large variety of rompers and dresses-you can't go wrong. You will be stylish, and comfortable which lets face it is what we girls strive for anytime we go out. 

There you have it ladies! Just a few must haves for your summer beach trip. Now lets go get our tan on and have a great summer! (whats left of it anyway) See ya next time!