Easy DIY Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I wanted to give y'all some quick and easy DIY Halloween costume ideas using things you probably have at home or can get right here at Anatomy Clothing Boutique. Lets get started!

First costume idea *drum roll please* : A classic scare crow! Grab a cute fall colored distressed sweater (our Rachel sweater would do the trick), some ripped jeans like our On the Rise skinny's, some cute booties such as out Esme TOMS and a cute Panama hat! Paint on a nose and add stitches to your smile and you are ready! You can also pull up a quick scarecrow makeup tutorial on youtube for inspiration.

Next simple costume idea is a jungle cat! Grab a leopard dress like our Wild Side or Cheetah Cheetah Pumpkin Eater dresses, some cute booties and your outfit is complete. Paint on a cute kitty nose and some whiskers and you have just completed the most simple cat costume ever, but still so stylish. 

The last easy DIY costume Anatomy in Brenham has to offer you has to be the most simple yet. You can be a Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital Intern with our Grey's Intern Tee!  Any Grey's Anatomy fans out there? So cute, yet barely any effort into this costume!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

xoxo Anatomy Boutique