From Work Mode to Night Out

From Work To A Night On The Town:

(How to Transform Your Day Look For A Night Out)

Going straight from work to play seems like more work than its worth sometimes. The idea of having to let alone work all day, but then have to drive home and find a whole new outfit and re-get ready for a night out can give anyone anxiety. Balancing work, family life, and social life should be an olympic sport. Now just hear me out, but what if it didn't have to be? What if I told you there is a way to balance work and play? 

The key is to select a flexible statement piece that would be seen as both work friendly and fashion savy to transform from day to night. This way all you have to worry about is the minor details, such as accessories/makeup and hair touch ups. I think we can all agree that carrying around some statement earrings and a tube of your favorite red lipstick is so much easier than carrying a whole outfit or going all the way home to get ready. 

Look for outfits that still follow work dress code, but go for style and detail that will transform the outfit into a perfect night look. Embellishments, asymetrical cuts, shoes, and accessories are all things to look for when selecting that perfect day to night outfit. Our Brenham Boutique downtown has a great selection of all  these things such as our embroidered Christina dress or our Dear John Blue White and You dress.

Selecting a classic black/dark colored dress is safe enough to wear to work , and can easily be glammed up for a night out with the girls. The key is to look for a dress with an edge or some detailing. There are so many options at Anatomy Boutique that are perfect for both day and night dressing. The styles we carry are just enough to make it special for a night out on the town, while still being flexible enough for work. To dress up any outfit add a pair of statement earrings, we have tons at our boutique downtown! Pair it with some cute shoes such as our Ready To Go Wedges and you are ready!

Not really a dress person? No problem! There was a time when pants on women was seen as strictly business, or not seen as a go to item for a night out. Well not any more! The best thing about this is that pants can just as well adapt to your work attire, and re-adapt to nighttime play. The perfect example being our linen pants. Pair these comfy/breezy pants with a button up blouse and simple accessories and you're ready for work. Taking this look from day to night is just as easy with changing your accessories for some statement pieces, shoe change, you're trusty red lippie, and you're ready to take on the night.

It's all in the details darling. People notice details, well they should notice details. Have you seen an outfit that you thought was absolutely perfect, but then look down and the shoes clash, or the jewelry seems "too much" and overpowered the whole look? When it comes to day to night outfits, most of the transformation can be made simply by adding quality statement pieces or anything that can take your look to that "next level" factor. This can be made with a clutch, statement necklace or earrings, even a cute cardigan or kimono. The same can be done with your hair and makeup; before your night out make sure you bring some essential grooming tools- a bold lipstick, powder and blush for some touch ups if needs, eye liner to create a winged eye look and a small mirror. This way you can quickly escape to your work bathroom or pull out your handy dandy mirror and freshen up at your desk for the night ahead. 

Next time you find yourself short on time, and need to go straight from work to a night of fun with the girls, or even date night, no more need to stress or have to cancel those much needed plans. (Trust me. You NEED some fun time.) There are so many ways you can look night life ready in your day time attire. Play around with those accessories, and give some attention to the small details like hair and makeup. Statement jewelry can make all the difference in playing up any outfit whether it be work attire or just a plain tshirt and jeans kinda day. Just play around and don't forget to HAVE FUN!

 Never forget if you're ever in need of new statement piece that is versatile for work or play, Anatomy Boutique in downtown Brenham has got you covered!