Goodbye, Summer

Its hard to belive that summer is almost over and soon fall will be amoung us (for two weeks then its winter if you're from Texas). So before we jump into long sleaves, sweaters, and booties lets look back on some of our favorite summer styles.

Overralls!!! Loved Loved Loved the overralls comeback! There was so many different prints and materials and ways to wear them. I have this pair of z supply overalls from this cute Brenahm Boutique that I will continue to wear till the hot days are behind us, which you will never know could be in a month or 2 or sooner or later. (Texas weather I swear) One regret is not buying a simple pair of blue jean ones. Anatomy Boutique actually has some ‘Down by the River’ overalls that I think might have been calling my name today....(My husband will be shaking his head when he reads that)

Embroidery EVERYTHING!! From dresses, to tops, to even pants, shoes, purses....LITERALLY EVERYTHING! They are fun and gave me the full on summer vibes. The bright colors and designs you could tell were made by those who pay attention to details. The Mckena Tie Strap Tank from the Brenham boutique was to die for! Screamed SUMMER! They even had an assortment of embroidered dresses that i’m still trying to keep myself from going full on shopaholic and buying them all. (I can't help that I like cute clothes and shopping is fun..please don't come for me) 

Linen Pants have been all over the place this summer and I am here for it! They are super comfortable, light weight and breezy so it didn’t feel like you were even wearing pants! Sometimes ladies we don't feel like shaving those legs but its also hot as all get out and pants sound crazy...NOT THESE!  Anatomy Clothing Boutique has an assortment of different styles and colors so If you haven’t snagged a few pairs I'd get on that...I got a pair today and Im one happy lady.

Im going to end with my favorite summer clothing item from this year. Drum roll please *************** Oversized tshirt dresses! You are pretty much wearing a night gown or thats what it feels like anyway. When something make me feel cute, stylish and comfortable I'm all over it. Like, just take my money and give me all the tshirt dresses. These are actually an item I will still use during fall. I like to add a pair of thick tights, boots, cardigan and a scarf and boom Spooky Season ready. These dresses will also be following us into fall anyway. Anatomy Boutique has some cute long sleeved and quarter sleeved dresses in right now in your favorite fall colors! 

Summer you really did fly by on us and I know Im ready for the pumpkin spice everything and the changing of the leaves, but I will miss ya. See ya next year and bring the overalls back with you!