Keeping Cool With Anatomy

Keeping Cool With Anatomy

It’s that time of year again; the fireflies are out, the waterparks are buzzin’, and the temperature just keeps on rising. 

Now I know we’ve all found ourselves sifting through the bottom of the dresser hoping to find at least one cute tank to wear for the day; turns out all we’ve got is a spaghetti stained wife beater from 2014 and a striped racer back tank that probably never fit in the first place. 

Now it's time to go shopping because if the heat doesn't get you heated ( pun intended) not feeling good in your ootd definitely will. So where do you go? What store has what you need in a reasonable budget, that has products that will last you many summers? You guessed it, Anatomy Clothing Boutique.

Anatomy is constantly improving their merchandise to satisfy their customers whether it be for the season, quality, or updated trends. So right now we’re all looking for tanks,  shorts, and swimmies. 

So let's talk about my personal favorite tanks first; The Traveler Tank Top by Emma's closet.

Pull out the American flag and wave it high because these are made in the USA baby.

They are lightweight so you don't get that claustrophobic feeling that some tanks give you; the most breathable fabric you could ever imagine. Perfect for this Texas weather, or wherever else you might be that the temperature is so high your frying eggs on the driveway. The best part (in my opinion) is that they come in a variety of solid colors, making them easily pairable with a pair of jean shorts, leggings or even biker shorts ( which yes, anatomy does carry all of the above so no need to shop anywhere else ;) you’re welcome) 

As far shorts go at Anatomy they've got you covered with jean material, linen, and even spandex type biker shorts. 

Starting off with my new favorite pair, I want to talk about the Sure Thing Silver Jean Co. Shorts. They are bermuda style offering more length to those who either a) love the style or b) feel more comfortable with the extra coverage they offer. Personally I’m a huge fan of the longer length because I don't feel the need to continuously pull them down or worry about anything hanging out. I find my biggest problem when purchasing jean shorts is that no matter if I try them on or not after one wash those suckers are riding up like there’s no tomorrow. So I was pleased to have found a safe haven for all my jean short needs. After several washes they fit perfectly and haven't faded even in the slightest. 

Generally I go with a lighter wash short but the great thing about these is that they are in between the dark and light wash which I find extremely helpful when picking out a top to go with them (of course those emma's closet tanks are my first choice) .

I'm a sucker for any clothing that feels like pajamas but doesnt give the appearance I’ve just rolled out of bed (even if I have) so every pair of linen shorts you can get your hands on at Anatomy I strongly recommend seizing the opportunity when it arises. The Lissy Linen shorts are definitely my favorite just for the variety of colors but I also find the Umgee brand to be crazy cozy so I wear those more often than not, even to sleep. 

Anatomy really has upped their swimsuit game this year and let me tell you I am in LOVE! The styles give me confidence and the patterns are absolutely to die for; as a person who generally wears more clothing it’s fun to mix it up a bit with my swimwear. The longline swim tops with the high waisted bottoms are my go to mainly for the coverage but the style itself is so unique to me I can't get enough of them. However my personal favorite swimmie is the Macy Pink one piece, and I am not usually a one piece type of gal, but how could you not love the off the shoulder and sweet little tie in the front. It is probably the most stylish thing I own and I feel a darn queen on the lake in that piece. 

There is no question that Anatomy Clothing Boutique in Historic Downtown Brenham, is the place to go for all your summer clothing needs and it is the only boutique that will give you the style, the right price and the best quality. Don't forget to check back for new arrivals you might find something you never thought you needed.