For a small business in Brenham, Texas, selling women’s clothing, we have to be mindful of the erratic weather changes and be sure our clothing offers a seasonal versatility. Meaning some of our products are meant to be worn year round and as we fade into August where most centrally located states and especially northern places are cooling down Texas is likely to stay rather toasty. So with that being said I think you will be happy with this weeks launch including several pieces to wear on the hot days as well as articles to be worn in any given month! 

This week we are most excited to be launching two items from Patrons of Peace, which include; the Acala Mosaic Top and Acala Mosaic Pants. The top is a smocked cropped tank with a ruffled neckline detail and adjustable straps. The bottoms are a flowy boho style pant with precious button detailing and a beautiful flare bottom that would make an excellent choice for summer photos. They can be worn with any solid colored top or paired with the matching Acala top. Furthermore both of these pieces can be worn in any month. The tank is great for layering we personally love a great denim over the tank and some of our girls mentioned wearing a long sleeve top under for extra warmth and color separation between the pants and the top. The pants of course are breezy with their flowy style, however with some of us being cold natured I recommend pairing them with your favorite thin leggings so that way you are not in any way altering the pattern or look of the pants just giving yourself some extra warmth if needed. 

I would also like to make sure I mention a coupled other products from our launch this week that are also seasonally versatile. We have a a denim button up long sleeve top that is 100% cotton that features a unique bleach dyed splatter pattern so we are calling her the Denim Bubbly. We decided to launch this button up this week because no matter the season or the weather everyone always needs a good layering button up, whether it be for attending an indoor event with the AC blasting or even to wear around your waist as a cute little statement piece. We also have cream base colored maxi dress with a taupe leopard print, it is a v-neck short sleeve dress that can be worn as is tied at the bottom or with cute solid colored tee for a fun casual outing, the dress is a heavier material that makes it an excellent winter pick as well.

Now we know it’s still July and you might be thinking is all of this really necessary right now? Well obviously clothing is essential for us, but we think its nice to know that the tops you bought this summer can still be worn when Texas starts to cool down, we just want to make sure you get the most out of our products and can be happy with them year round!