Momma's Got Style

Moms Got Style!
Calling all moms and moms to be!!! This blog post is for you.
Have you ever seen an outfit, or a fashion trend that you fall in love with to immediately stop yourself and think, “Is this something a mother would wear?” I know I have.
It took me some time to get over the fear of wearing something fashionable and not feel like I was being judged from the side lines for being a mother. Why do we even do that to ourselves? Why do we feel like we have to completely change our style for motherhood? I mean obviously there are some things I used to wear that I don’t personally feel is okay for me to wear now that I am a mother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still dress stylish.
Just because we are moms or will become a mom doesn’t mean we can’t feel sexy, or fashionable. You aren’t just a mom. That’s only a part of who you are. We are still strong and amazing women that want to feel beautiful. Being able to piece together an outfit that has style shouldn’t be for the non-moms of the world.
If you have ever been put down for an outfit because someone else thinks, “that’s not what a mom should wear” or have felt like you needed to change your whole wardrobe to please societies standards for “mom attire” I just have one thing to say: Stop! Stop thinking you can’t wear that dress, or that top, or that outfit. Stop letting others take away your happiness because they personally feel it’s not suitable. Do you feel cute in it? Do you feel yourself smile when you pass by the mirror? Do you feel good in what you have on? If you answered yes then girl, forget those people! Forget about pleasing the world and help create a change. Help the future moms of the world feel okay about wearing what they want, that an outfit doesn’t define their parenting, and that being a mother doesn’t define them. MOMS HAVE STYLE! MOMS CAN EXPRESS THEMSELVES WITH FASHION! YOU ARE NOT JUST A MOM! You are so much more!! Now go listen to some Lizzo and do that hair toss cause momma you look amazing!