PJ's All Day

PJ's All Day

What if I told you that you could wear your Pj’s all day? Like even to the grocery store and no one would know?  Well you can and  here's a crash course on how to get it done.

Sweatpants and sleep shorts- these are going to be your saving grace when you don’t feel like “getting ready” the good thing is we’ve already made sweatpants a casual look but there is a catch. Sweats that don’t hug your ankles and are loose fitted will rarely pass for being anything more than “the pants you just got out of bed in” the tighter they are in the butt and in the ankles the more acceptable they are. Who knew your ankles were so telling ?? Sleep shorts on the other hand are slight bit more tricky to pull off. Nothing with snowmen or pumpkins is going to work the more neutral the easier the look. For example try a heather grey, knit short with or without a drawstring. Our Wanderer Lounge Sets are perfect for this. Of course our tie dye sets are are perfect if you like more color and want to go a little more bold. Try our Downtown Sets for this look. 

Tops are easy any tank top or t shirt that you wore to bed can easily be worn out so long as they aren’t stained (duh) and you either tuck in the top to your bottoms or do a knot on the side. Again try to stay away from graphics with your tanks. And if your t-shirt is oversized I’d recommend tucking a little into the side.

Shoes- this is a big deal

Glam slides are always a favorite no Nike or Adidas but GLAM slides that means rhinestones galore sister. Or if you’re going to be doing some walking a white pair of sneakers is the best option.

Next step is to accessorize, this step to me is totally necessary because I love dressing up my PJ’s. I generally go with a collarbone length necklace and medium to small hoop earrings. Then I pull my hair into a low bun parted down the middle and throw on a pair of sunglasses. Grab whatever purse / backpack I’m using that day and head out. 

You’re all set your PJ’s have just become your new favorite movie date outfit!