Shirt Stories

Shirt Stories

In this blog we are going to talk about all the new tops at Anatomy, the best way to style them, and some tips and tricks to give your favorite Anatomy shirt some extra pizzazz.

Lets get started with the basics (literally):

Anatomy’s newest basic tops include nothing but the best; we covered the tanks previously but in case you missed out let's go through them again really quickly. 

Traveler Tanks by Emma's Closet are a must have in the summer-simple yet stylish. They are the perfect tank to pair with your favorite linen shorts or jean shorts. You will probably be in yours all summer and then in the winter too because Texas doesn't know what seasons are sometimes. These tanks are made entirely in the USA and instead of boring you with the technicals of the materials used to make these tanks-I’ll just say you will never find a more breathable, comfortable, tank. I would definitely recommend packing for your last minute trip to the beach or the lake, you will not regret it! With these particular tops we tend to get bored of how neutral or “plain” they begin to feel after a while, so if you ever put one on and look in the mirror and think “maybe I should add a belt” no need sister, just tuck one, front, side of that sucker into your shorts, or grab an end on the side and tie into a lose but sturdy knot. We did a whole tutorial vide on this too, you can check it out here!  Your next step (if you're still wanting a little more pizzazz) would be to add a small statement piece. This could be a baseball cap (yes, they make a statement try it if you don't believe me), a simple necklace and earrings, or even a cute tote. It is obviously up to your personal preference and style, these are just a few of my favorite ways to spice up my tanks. 

Moving on to our plus size UMGEE basics. With four new arrivals sizing up to 2x you are sure to be impressed. My personal favorite is the Saturday Feels top. It's a super calming sea green shade with fabric that feels better than its color looks.  It’s loosely knotted in the front too which adds a super cute detail. I like to pair these tops with a longer denim short and long necklace. As far as shoes go a pair of sneakers, like our Rori Sneakers make for a lasting impression.

The new Airy Slub Z supply Tee is my now my all time favorite basic tee. This top features a loose casual fit, a v neck, short sleeves, a fashionable seam down the front, and short slits up the sides. This top is all the pizzazz without all of the fuss, what I mean by that is you can dress it up or dress it down and still feel like you did the most. If you were to throw this top on with a pair of jeans or linen shorts and you would be ready to go. You can see why it’s my favorite. I like to dress in a way that gives me peace of mind but also with little to no effort. This top is perfect for that. But don't worry if you are more of the type to dress up your basics I have a few ideas for you. The moment you've all been waiting for.. Drum roll please! Yes, this is the perfect top to pair with a belt. I would go with the Skinny Snake Belt just for more glamour. Then I would add a short necklace, not a choker, just collarbone length, and a pair of dangle type earrings. Bam you're glam.

Now if you're wondering what to wear on a date don't worry I’ve got you covered these next two tanks are definitely a go to if you're looking to make a great first impression. 

The Ella Mae Smocked Top is my day date go to, especially this summer, It's a floral piece that doesn't scream I love flowers but gives you the the light flower child vibe, It's a soft yellow and is great with any jeans or denim shorts. With a top that is already a statement you really don't need to do much to wow your overall look it’s really about picking the right accessories that are minimal but still make the outfit. Something like the panama straw hat, a small casual white clutch, and again a collarbone length necklace. You will find it is much easier to style your outfits once you decide what your statement piece is. Sometimes it's a bag, sometimes it’s shoes and sometimes it's the Ella Mae smocked top! 

Finally the Callie Red Floral Top, it's a show stopper. This is a cropped cami that features adjustable straps, and an elastic top hem, perfect for every beautiful body type on God's green earth. This is a great day date top but I like it for those casual dinner dates and don't worry about packing a cardigan or sweater, you're probably going to have to sit outside right now anyways. Anybody else getting fed up with all these COVID rules? Anyways this top is very similar to the previous where it's not necessary to dress it up too much. If you do wear a jacket I would recommend denim and the Steph JBD High Rise Shorts. I love wearing a white bottom with a red top and topping it with a light denim jacket if weather permitting and you're all set!

I hope to see y'all try out some of these styling tips and if you've got your own don’t be shy we want to see it! Tag us on instagram or facebook using #xoxoanatomy !