Shoes, I can't get enough!

Crazy For Shoes!!!

Welcome back for another fashion filled blog! Today though, we will focus on just one major topic that fills our closet and you can never have too many over... according to Carrie Bradshaw anyway. That’s right! SHOES!!!

I was never a huge shoe person growing up but that, my readers, has changed drastically the past few years. Shoes can either make or break your outfit. They can put off you even wearing a certain outfit, because let’s face it without the perfect pair of shoes we have no outfit! From simple flats to heels to your fall booties let’s dive in!

TOMS are back in town my friends! There are so many reasons to love TOMS but let share just a few of my favorite things about this shoe and this company. Number one this company is making a difference with the sale of every pair of shoes. You buy a pair and a pair goes to someone in need of a pair. How amazing is that? It makes me feel pretty good knowing that I’m supporting a good company doing good things for this world AND THEY ARE SUPER CUTE!!! You are even wear these shoes for casual use or even dress it up. I’ve seen people wear TOMS with jeans and T-shirt, with a cute dress, and even prom dresses guys! They are super comfortable and come in so many patterns, colors, and style. They also happen to be conveniently stocked at my favorite Brenham boutique, Anatomy! I used to have to order them online or hope that the style I wanted was available at my local shoe store but now I can go to my favorite boutique and not only shop for a cute outfit but comfy shoes as well?! I’m sold!!

Heels and Booties are my favorite for a night on the town with my husband, or brunch with the girls, basically any occasion I can dress up a little. I’m pretty tall so wearing these two shoe types has been an issue in the past but no more! Embrace your height and wear the shoes girl! Now that Summer is nearing is end and fall is creeping into the picture you bet your bootie I’m buying all the “booties!” See what I did there? Sorry that was corny but seriously! Anatomy Boutique located in Downtown Brenham has some adorable booties and heels/wedges that are going to put together some wonderful fall outfits.

I don’t know about you but after talking about these with you I have a strong urge to head to the boutiques and get my shopping on so with that being said we shall meet again soon and talk more fashion and fall looks! Have a blessed week everyone!