Stay At Home Moms

We've talked some about how we can still be moms with style, but I wanted to talk some more about this topic. I specifically wanted to reach out to those Stay At Home Moms, because I am one and I understand the struggle of even running a brush through your hair in the morning let alone putting on a cute outfit. Most mornings while I'm sipping on my coffee, staring at myself in the bathroom mirror I ask myself, "Why even try." What is the point of me putting on a full face of make up and changing out of my sweat pants and t shirt only to get peed on, spit up on, have a tiny human wipe snot on my sleeve, or to have this "hard work" go unnoticed. Then I slap on some moisturizer, throw that hair up in a messy bun, and get the kiddo ready for school. After I drop him off I think about getting dolled up, but the thought creeps back in of "Whats the point." Then I clean, do laundry, dinner prep, then soon enough time to get the kiddo from school. This same routine day after day can be stressful and get boring at times which is why I notice when I do try and doll myself up a little I notice a change in my mood. You know the phrase, "When you look good you fell good?" Well I agree with this phrase 100 percent. Feels silly saying it but even when I don't have to leave the house for any reason that day and I put on my makeup, fix my hair, and put on a cute and casual outfit I instantly feel my mood brighten. I know when I pick up my 5 year old son from school he may not notice how I look but he does notice my good mood and that brings me even more joy. My husband is the same. (Maybe it’s a boy thing) He may not notice my outfit or that I used a different eye shadow combo, but he sees how good I am feeling and adds to it. Now I won't lie to you and say that everyday I wake up with this mentality. Some days I do not feel like it. Somedays its just a sweats and messy bun kind of day, but just because I am a stay at home mom doesn't mean I don't deserve to feel pretty or good about myself. Just because I don't have to go out in public doesn't mean I can't get dolled up to do my daily job of taking care of our home. When we feel good it shows in our work, in our attitude, in the way we parent, and in the way we treat our spouse. You don't need a fancy dress and pearls to make it happen. You'd be surprised at what a good pair of skinnies and a cute t shirt can do.