Styles on Trend

From the fun animal prints to distressed sweaters to maxi skirts this years fall's fashion has to be my favorite! We talked a bit about the prints last time so I think you get the picture on that, so lets move on to my favorite trend right now......DISTRESSED SWEATERS!!!

 For starters I am a big sweater person in general. Like this girl loves her some sweater weather, but these aren't just any old sweaters. Your're all like, "yeah we know they are distressed" and that would be true....  But they are also the cutest thing ever! I like to dress comfy, but I also want to look trendy and cute and that is what I feel in these sweaters. Anatomy Boutique in Brenaham has got some in that come in an assortment of colors and sizes and yes you guessed it I already got one for myself. Moving on before I expose myself for being a shoppoholic..... lets talk maxi skirts!!! 

Again love this idea of being able to be comfy and trendy this season! Maxi Skirts are also very versitile as in you can wear them all year round so you are basically saving yourself money buying them. (Just Saying) There's also so many ways to wear a maxi skirt or things to pair with it to give you that new outfit feel every time. Anatomy has the cutest leopard maxi skirts that would pair perfectly with their distressed sweaters! 

Now that it is actually cooling off in the south Im going to dress accordingly and head to starbucks for a PSL....Happy Fall Yall!