Super Woman

Super Woman

Some of us are still not back to work, but that doesn’t mean we stopped working. We’ll just be doing it on the couch now. Which at first was like the dream-we all wished we could stay home, now we’re doing and are finding it much harder to get things done. So if you’re anything like me you need structure and timelines to get the job done and that’s kind of hard when your bed is in the next room and you’re still in your pjs. 

So you create your own schedule and decide what time of the day is most productive, whether it be morning or evening or 2:22 pm…it doesn’t matter only you know when you get things done. Pick your time and set that aside for work give yourself two hours at the most to get everything done and then you have the rest of the day/night for leisure, dinner, kids, etc. Two hours may not seem like a lot of time, but it generally is all you need sometimes and if you’re working on a bigger project it’s ok to spread out your work time through your the day.

A few things I’ve found helpful is getting dressed and showered as if I were actually going into work. I do my makeup, I do my hair and I put on heels. I have my coffee (or 3) and begin my work. When things get stressful whether it be kids, dog , spouse, whatever just close your laptop go outside or in another room and take a breather. You don’t have to be superwoman all day everyday. Set the intention at the beginning of your week that you are the woman who gets the job done, you are the productive woman who is not easily distracted or turned off from work. Then roll with whatever comes up and you begin to feel as though you’re getting as much done as you should. Remind yourself that you’re doing as much as you can and that is enough. You got this! 

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