The Closet Solution

The Closet Solution

How to organize your closet and keep it that way

Unfortunately, like any other organization project it requires the dedication and the want to keep it clean and orderly. Not exactly as easy at setting up perfectly and then throwing your clothes in a pile on the floor because you’re too lazy to hang them up or put them in the designated space. If You want everything to stay sorted and pretty you have to put in the work to make sure it stays that way. 

However there are some fun ways to put your closet/wardrobe together that make it fun to replace everything after use.

The photo above I found on Pinterest, but I think it is an excellent start to keeping an organized closet space. I realize not every space is set up as this one but the technique works for just about all wardrobes. Having less hanging space creates more space for more of your other fashion items. I generally in hang things that I don’t like ironing (lazy or smart you decide) I can iron a T-shirt in 2 seconds you give a button down or a dress it's going to take me a good half hour to get all the folds and wrinkles out so I elongate that hassle almost entirely by putting them on a hanger. It’s also smart if your dryer has this feature to keep the wrinkle guard option on which basically just keeps the clothes on a constant rotation to keep them from settling and wrinkling ( if not just take your clothes out of the dryer immediately after they’ve dried and put them on hangers and fold whatever. 

Boxes are an excellent way to create more space and keep things orderly. These are less stylized but a great pick for anyone on a budget but craving a more organized closet.

You can purchase a set of 3 for $14 on Amazon 

I personally like the ones with covers or lids just so I can stack others on top. So most of my winter clothing right now is the bottom boxes (except for coats they are in their very own closet) but knit material and thicker warmer garments are kept in the bottom boxes and shorts, tank tops and that sort of thing are in the top most boxes to make it more accessible and then when winter rolls around I just shift the the boxes where my winter clothes are on the top now. 

If you’re able to insert a small dresser even a skinny one with at least three drawers is acceptable. This would be used for your underwear, bras, socks, tights, etc. 

Using separation boxes in your drawers is the best way to keep order and neatness. Doesn’t that image just make you want to organize your clothes right now?

Shelves are great for purses and shoes 

I use the uppermost shelf for purses and bags and the bottom ones for shoes. Also if you ever feel like you don’t have enough space your closet it’s probably time to make a donation because you genuinely probably do not wear everything in your closet plus you can think of it as making space for new clothes ;)

Invest in hooks and a light for the space for a little extra pizazz your hang whatever on the hooks and the light just gives your space or more glamorous clean feel.