What's Your Signature Style?

Finding Your Signature Style

What is a signature style? Let me break it down for you. Your signature style is your go to look. The look that everyone knows you'd wear. You arent predictible you just know what you like and what looks good on your body type. You know what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful all at the same time. That my friends is the best definition I can give you for a "signature style." 

At Anatomy Clothing Boutique in Brenham, TX we know we were not born just knowing our signature style. We didn't just wake up one day magically knowing how to dress ourselves. Over the years you have developed and refined you style simply by trial and error. We all had that awkward phase that makes us turn 50 shades of red just from a glance at a family photo. Still to this day I ask myself why dresses with boot cut jeans was let a lone in style but also by go to look in the early 2000's. How did we get to this point though? How did we find our signature style?

Lets take a moment to think about our style. What do you wear the most often that doesn't include sweat pants and a t-shirt(thats for Netflix and ice cream later)? What look makes you feel the most comfortable and happy? Who was/is your style icon(s) for inspiration? For example: I really love girly things like Anatomy Boutique’s Barbie Doll Dress. Its that gorgeous hot pink that screams summer and gives you major Kaci Musgraves at the Met Gala vibes. I also love the boho/hippie chick look that can be achieved with almost any floral print or flowy top, so you could say I feel like a mix of Reese Witherspon and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine. If you don't have a clue who you'd consider your style icon try out searching "style icons" on pinterest and save the photos you're most drawn to for inspiration. 

One of my absolute favorite things is when an outfit I picture in my head comes together and I feel my most stylish and confident self. On days you feel this way take a quick pic for future reference. You'll start to have a little collection of outfits that perfectly sum up your personal style and help with mix and matching different looks. A look you wore for date night with the proper accessories could be dressed down for a brunch with the girls. You'll never feel the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" again. 

Stevie had her long skirts and shawls, Audrey had her cropped pants and ballet flats, and Elle Woods had pink. All fashionable women have that signature item or two that becomes part of your signature style. It can be as simple or as "memorable" as you desire. Anatomy Boutique in Brenham has a beautiful assortment of beaded necklaces that I'm determined to own in every color for a fun yet simple signature item that can be used all year round. I say it's a smart investment, my husband on the other hand says its a shopping addiction but we can just pretend we didn't hear that... Any way if you have a little trouble finding your signature item just take a look at what you own. Is it full of colorful cardigans, dresses galore, button ups, or a certain type of shoe? You buy these thing time and time again because you feel the most "you" when you're wearing them. If it works for you and your current style embrace the repeat offenders. Its never bad to rely on your signature staple.

Trust yourself and just wear what makes you feel the most confident and beautiful. Don't let other opinions sway you from wearing what you love. I bet you have an amazing sense of style, but you gotta embrace it, refine it, and own it girl! Come find your signature style at Brenham, Texas' favorite clothing boutique.